We Raised $2.8M to Build the AI Future of Interviewing

Today, we announce our latest investment to supercharge agentic recruiting and hiring at scale.
AI is evolving the talent landscape

Generative AI is transforming the world of talent acquisition, leaving recruiting teams with increasingly difficult problems to address.

  • Talent pool or talent ocean? As candidates leverage automation tools to apply for hundreds of positions everyday, how will recruiting teams find needle-in-the-haystack candidates from an ocean of indistinguishable applications?
  • Building a skills-based organization. As candidates leverage AI to design keyword resumes and personalized cover letters, how can recruiting teams scalably evaluate candidates based on merit and fit, not by how well candidates market themselves?
  • Focusing on worthwhile candidates. How can recruiting teams protect their time and focus on connecting with and closing the most promising candidates?

Apriora’s AI interviewer, Alex, helps solve these problems by conducting live interviews over video and phone that generate better hiring insights than traditional recruiters while providing a personalized, conversational experience that candidates prefer over any other screening tool. Today, Alex conducts thousands of interviews for numerous customers of all sizes across sectors like software engineering, retail, hospitality, and customer service. And we’re just getting started.

Better data. Better hires.

Apriora gives recruiting teams an expert interviewer on-demand. Recruiting teams love Apriora because the interview insights are:

  • Deeply predictive. Interviews are conducted by Alex over a live video call. Alex is a subject matter expert and knows the best questions and follow-up questions to ask in real-time based on the candidate’s responses. After the interview, Alex analyzes the interview’s multi-modal data to generate a truly predictive hiring signal, so companies can feel confident in making hiring decisions backed by data. 
  • Time-saving. Alex is available to interview candidates at night, on weekends, and even over the holidays. Interview feedback and insights are written instantaneously and sent directly to the company’s ATS (applicant tracking system).
  • Customizable. Every company and every role is different, which is why every interview process on Apriora is customizable. Companies can create their interview processes for a particular role in a matter of minutes based on the job description and other information like intake notes and position seniority.
  • Cheat-resistant. Interview integrity is paramount to the hiring process, which is why Apriora built a proprietary cheat detection system. During the interview, Alex monitors for signs of cheating such as generative AI usage, tab changes, and copy pasting. After each interview, companies receive a comprehensive report that flags unfair interview behavior.
Democratizing the first round interview

Apriora gives candidates access to a consistent interview environment they can depend on. Candidates love Apriora because interviews are:

  • Personalized. Every interview is conducted in real-time by Alex, who asks relevant follow-up questions by remembering and understanding a candidate’s responses. In addition, Alex knows how to guide the conversation based on exactly what the company is looking for.
  • Equitable. Because recruiting teams are no longer constrained by their personnel bandwidth, every applicant has the opportunity to showcase his or her skill set and knowledge in a live interview.
  • Consistent. Candidates feel safe taking an interview on Apriora, boosting their confidence and allowing them to interview at their best. There are no bad interviewers, off-topic questions, or opportunities to get side-tracked.
  • Convenient. Interviews are automatically scheduled based on the candidate’s availability and Alex handles all calendar invites, email reminders, and even rescheduling.
Join us

We are on a mission to fundamentally reinvent how companies build great teams. Because every company hires, the amount of impact you can have on global productivity and people’s careers is unmatched at Apriora. If this sounds like a future you want to build, we’d love to speak with you.

Nothing excites us more than meeting great founders with a contrarian insight. Aaron and John from Apriora have identified an industry that was historically uninteresting for investors, but is now ripe for disruption. AI will completely transform recruiting and we believe Apriora's software will be the future of how people will be hired.
Samit Kalra, Partner at 1984 Ventures

Apriora's seed round is led by 1984 Ventures with participation from Y Combinator, HOF Capital, Pioneer Fund, and several angel investors.

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